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Recycling Legislation
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The following is a brief overview of the key pieces of legislation that must be complied with by all waste producers and those who manage your waste.
Duty of Care
Section 34 of The Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a 'duty of care' upon persons who handle controlled waste. The Duty of Care is a code of practice for dealing with 'controlled waste'.  The following sections cover the key requirements of the “Duty” and set out how most waste producers can ensure that they comply. - more...
Pre-Treatment Requirements
The responsibility for ensuring that their waste is pre-treated rests with the waste producer in a similar way to the Duty of Care requirements which require the producer to ensure their waste is collected and disposed of correctly. However, the point at which the treatment test is applied is when the waste arrives at a landfill site and the site will require a declaration from the haulier that the waste has been pre-treated. - more...
Producer Responsibility
Europe and the national government use legislation to make the producers of certain types of materials liable for the costs of management when they reach “end of life”. The focus is placed on re-use, recycling and recovery, and with statutory targets to be achieved by manufacturers and producers, and vendors. The systems are designed to influence product design and marketing, and thereby maximise sustainable product design. - more...
Hazardous Waste Regulations
The two key changes were that Hazardous waste producers are now required to pre-register before any Hazardous waste can be collected from their premises and that the Regulations applied the European Waste Catalogue codes of Hazardous wastes. - more...
Landfill Tax
As part of the 2009 Budget Government announced its intention to continue with the £8 per annum tax escalator for another 5 years.  This will result in Landfill Tax increasing from £40 per tonne currently (January 2010) to £72 per tonne by 2012/13. - more...
Environmental Protection Act
Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990 This is one of the single most important pieces of environmental legislation of recent times. It controls many aspects of how the environment is protected and regulated in daily lives. - more...
European Waste Catalogue
The European Waste Catalogue (EWC) has been put into English and Welsh legislation by the use of the List of Waste regulations (LOW). The List of Waste currently contains an identical list of codes and descriptions to that contained in the European Waste Catalogue and so can be used interchangeably. Legislation in Scotland still refers to the European Waste Catalogue. - more...
Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS)
The 1st January 2002 saw the introduction of new European Regulations governing the release of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). EC Regulation no. 2037/2000 of 29th June 2001 requires that from 1 January 2002, all CFCs and HCFCs must be recovered from equipment such as fridges and freezers prior to their disposal. - more...
Your SIC Code
Businesses are increasingly required to provide a Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Code with returns and registrations. The list is produced by the Office of National Statistics who recently replaced all previous lists with UKSIC(2007). - more...
Landfill Regulations
On 16th July 2002, the new landfill regulations came into force implementing the EC Landfill Directive in the UK. The aim of the regulations is to 'reduce as far as possible negative effects on the environment during the lifecycle of landfill'. As such, it introduces a range of technical requirements for operators of landfill sites but also introduces changes relevant to producers and managers of waste from both non-municipal and municipal sources.
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