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Enviromental Policies for www.Recycling-London.co.uk
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Enviromental Policies
www.recycling-london.co.uk demonstrates environmental and social responsibility and leadership by operating all facilities and services to the highest environmental and professional standards. Our Management Services is dedicated to the principles of environmental sustainability.

The company is dedicated to meeting the following aims:

» Promote the best practicable environmental option for all types of waste.
» Continuous improvement in environmental performance, maximising environmental benefits and taking all necessary steps to prevent pollution.
» Setting and monitoring of objectives and targets that reduce negative impacts on the environment and augment positive impacts.
» Using energy and natural resources more efficiently and encouraging the development and use of alternative fuels and recycled products.
» Identifying and implementing environmental improvement schemes to benefit the public, stakeholders and employees wherever possible.
» Complying with all relevant legislation, including environmental and health and safety, which represents the minimum standard.
» Providing training and information for all employees so they gain a better understanding of health, safety and environmental issues and the company's commitment, policies and programmes for protecting and enhancing the environment.
» Proactive consultation and dialogue with the public, stakeholders and employees on the company's environmental performance.
» Effectively communicating the policy to all employees and other stakeholders.
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